New Idea to Remove Your Acrylic Nails Easily


Acrylic nails have served the great purpose of nail extensions and are quite useful for the one who are not comfortable keeping a long nail. Keeping a natural long nail requires lot more care and many times it causes injuries because of unwanted stuck and rub with the other objects. Hope you are pretty aware with the term acrylic nails because today we are going to tell you a new idea on how to remove your artificial acrylic nail.

Use a simple thread from your stitching kit.

You can choose any color thread since everyone will be doing the same thing.

Now stuck the thread around the acrylic nail on your finger and keep both ends of the thread in your hand.

Gently pull it towards your sides and you will find it coming out easily and that too with no pain at all.

Once it is removed, you will be left with the glue stamp of the acrylic nail which you have used before to place the nail on place.

Don’t run it with any hard thing.

Remove that stamp with the help of cotton and water.