Only 2 Minute for Fancy Curl Bun Step By Step


How long you think it takes to make a perfect fancy curly bun? You keep your answer and if I say in the next 2 minutes I am going to do this hairstyle. Amazed? Yeah I am telling exactly two minutes. In this tutorial we are going to tell you fast and easy way to create fancy curl bun hairstyle.

First comb all your hairs back to your head.

Combing is good practice before starting any hairstyle because it gives the necessary smoothness and clears your hairs which avoids hair damage.

Now make a normal ponytail that you used to do regularly. You can provide the elevation to ponytail depending upon your choice because the place of the elastic ribbon will decide the actual length of the ponytail.

Now fold back the ponytail towards the elastic ribbon to create the bun.

When you are folding, you will be left with a tiny tail of hairs which you need to hide within the hair bunch itself.

Your fancy curl bun is ready and if I am not wrong, time for this haven’t gone beyond 2 minutes.