Quick Tips Home Remedies For Fair Skin


No matter what is your complexion, everyone wants a fair skin. Skin that glows, skin which makes you feel fresh, skin that don’t have any spot, patchiness or dullness. So here is a solution “go natural”. There are several products in our nature which do miracles for you and additional benefits are they save your time and cost too.
So let’s get started: -

1. Lemon - It contains vitamin C which helps in lighting the darkened skin. Just rub lemon juice on your skin gently, then wait for 10 minutes and wash your face with fresh and cool water.

2. Milk - Milk and honey is a miracle combination of clearing and smoothing your skin, mix honey and milk then apply the paste on the skin and wait for 15 minutes and then wash with water.

3. Turmeric - it’s an antiseptic, make a paste of teaspoon turmeric with lemon juice apply over darken skin and wash off after 15 minutes.

4. Egg pack – it is very easy. Beat one egg makes it fluffy, apply it on darken skin for fifteen minutes and then wash you can add lime juice, tea tree oil for removing its smell.

5. Tomato - it’s helpful in removing the tan amazingly, make a paste of gram flour, lemon juice, and tomato apply for 15 minutes.

6. Hot oil body massage - Massage your body for 15 minutes with some oil and add some tulsi or neem leaves and warm it a bit. It will also make you feel relax.

7. Yogurt pack - Mix plain yogurt with honey, apply the pack on the face for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off. Use it on a daily basis for better results.

8. Fruit pack - Mix avocado, papaya and cucumber with some cream apply for 20 minutes, then wash off with normal water, people with oily skin use Fuller’s earth instead of cream.

9. Rose water - Clean your face directly, add into the face pack or sprinkle it on the face will equally effective for your skin to make it bright.

10. Cumin seeds - Boil seeds and use the boiled water to wash face gives you fairer skin and removes dullness.

11. Coconut water - Drink it or wash your skin with it, both ideas will give you bright skin naturally and reduce the darkness.

12. Papaya - Blend it, to convert it into the smooth pack, apply gently and have some massage wait for 15 minutes and wash off with normal water.

13. Gram flour - Makes a paste with lime juice, apply gently leave it for 10 minutes then clean with warm water.

14. Fuller’s Earth - it’s good for oily skin not for dry, it’s full of minerals which help you in giving smooth skin and bright complexion.

15. Carrot and avocado - Make a paste of cooked carrot, soft avocado, egg, honey, apply it on face leave it for 15 minutes then wash off with cool water.