Super High Voluminous Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


Well about the name we don’t have much info, why this hairstyle is called as high voluminous but it is extra elegant and looks so pretty because it is covering braid along with bun. We will be requiring, elastic band, head pins for this tutorial.

Comb your hairs to make them smooth for the easy handling.

Now grab the hairs from the top and apply the elastic to hold them at once place.

Put hair clips to hold the hairs in place which are run all the way to your face and ears.

Now take the hair tail from the bunch you have bind with the elastic and let them pass through the front curls.

Bake some loose braids around the sides.

This way you will be having the trendy bun at the top with crossed hairs along the sides.

Your super high voluminous bun hairstyle has been completed and now we hope you might got some idea, why it is so called. Most of the braided hairstyles are suited for long or medium length hairs but this can be pretty comfortably applied to even short hairs also.