Tricks For Beautiful Nail Art Design Step By Step


Nail art can be much more fun which involves lot more creativity and gives you a new fascinating design each time. One who has craze to play with the colors will find it a cool hobby to go with. Today we are creating yet another nail art design which when you will see, will not be able to recognize from where to start. But as we will take you along in this tutorial you will be quite comfortable and learn it along also.

Scotch tape plays crucial roles in multicolor designs. We will be using scotch tape here.

Apply a thin strip of the scotch tape horizontally aligned on to your nails.

Now put a thin yet suitable coating of base coat.

Now dip your fingers one by one into the coloring solution you have created.

Take out your finger and remove the excess color which has been splitted to your skin using the cotton.

Now remove the scotch tape and see the impression it has left onto your nails.

This completes your nail art tutorial and you have learned another quick nail art design idea.