10 Unique Facts About Oceans That You Didn’t Know


Ocean makes up 70% of the earth and still we are unaware about some unique facts about ocean. We have found ocean is a mysterious place which is not explored completely till now, so many of the questions are unanswered. Let’s brush up some knowledge about Earth’s Ocean.

1. Fifty percent of United States lies below the ocean. ( on a rough count)

2. Sunlight does not reach the ocean beds; hence most of the ocean are dark, black and chilled out.

3. If you travel through waterways, it will take 1000 years to take a globe tour.

4. Pacific ocean alone contains largest islands which covers 30% of earth’s surface

5. About 75 percent of oxygen comes from ocean and is produced by a microscopic animal called phytoplankton

6. Till now only three lakh under water species are identified out of a total of 3 million species.

7. That means we have explored only 1% of animal species and rest remains unexplored.

8. A lost city was discovered under ocean near the off coast of Cuba.

9. Most of the artefacts were found under the ocean and are preserved by many of the museum.

10. Ocean holds 50 percent more carbon compared to earth.

These were some of the unknown facts about ocean and we wish the entire ocean is explored one fine day.