Animal Skin Nail Art Ideas and Tutorial


Color the entire nail in white or cream base. It is essential to create a base coat as your nail color and design will last longer and be easier to create.

Take a sponge and apply three colors- peach, amber yellow and lemon yellow in three stripes. Cut the sponge into a small piece so that it is easier to use.

Dab the sponge on the nail keeping the lemon yellow part towards the tip. Do this carefully as it can get messy if you are careless and colors can overlap.

Draw a black animal print design towards the base.

Cover the entire nail with this design.

You nail should be completely covered with this design.

Add dots to complete the look.

Repeat for all the nails to get this racy look.

Have fun on your casual outing or a spice up your regular day with this sensual look.