Attractive Navy Blue Nail Polish


Coloring your nails if one of the finest arts works one can do. The best is you don’t even require any professional degree for this. This art is available to every girl who wants to look beautiful and elegant. And in the present fashion trend nail art is one of the coolest style statements for a girl. The more different design, you try, more appreciations will come to you. If you are a lover of navy blue color, then this will definitely your nail DIY.

Firstly, you required transparent nail paint, glittery navy blue nail paint color, glittery royal blue nail paint color, nail filer, nail cutter.

When you start, first you need to shape up your nails. So that your art look more elegant. You can shape up your nails with the help of nail tools.

Now apply a single coat of transparent nail paint, this step gives smoothness to your nail.

Apply navy blue nail paint in half of your nail; use this color in the upper half of the nail.

When the first color completely dry, apply royal blue color in the lower half of the nail.
And it’s done.