Best Colors for Blue Eyes and Brown Hair


There are some gorgeous eye makeup ideas that you may follow to get brilliant eyes.

The colors that best compliment your eyes are a black eye liner.
Complimentary copper with a glint of gold.
A blue colored eye shadow.
A shimmery copper eye shadow.
A matte white or a champagne color effect on the brow bone.
Making use of a waterline with the help of a black eye liner.
A suitable colored mascara on the top of the eye lashes.
For a more adventurous look, you can make use of a combination of yellow, green and blue colored eye shadow.
Highlight the corner of the eyes with a white colored eye shadow.
A glittery lavender colored eye shadow would also look amazing.

So we see that there are a number of colors and ways to get gorgeous eyes especially if your eyes are blue in color with brow hair on the lashes and brows.