Best Tips to Remove Dry Skin from Feet and Legs Home Remedies


How to remove dry skin from feet:

Absorb your feet warm water for around 20 minutes to 30 minutes till the skin turns out to be delicate.
At that point utilizing the foot shaver, shave all the dead skin in short and delicate strokes.
In the middle of continue washing the shaver to get clean the dead skin scratched off. This is the way to uproot dead skin by walking.
When it’s all done, touch your feet to check whether it feels delicate.

How to remove dry skin from legs:

Set up a home-made shedding scour. You'll need granulated sugar or ocean salt, nectar, your most loved body oil and water.
It’s best to shed when you shower. The warm water will open up your pores permitting your skin to relax.
Apply the readied scour everywhere on your legs and rub delicately.
At long last wash off with icy water. The cool water will close the skin pores.
After your shower, pat your legs dry with a towel and apply a thick layer of cream or your most loved body salve and back rub for a couple of minutes.