Best Way to Remove Glitter Polish


Sometimes nail polish removing become a messy method. And for those people especially who love to have nail paints on their nails. So if you are a nail polish lover, and always eager to try new nail art. But removing it is a big challenge for you. So try out this easy method for easy removal of glitter and polish.

Take an Acetone free nail polish removal. It will not hurt your nail, keep your nail healthy. Acetone free nail polish removers are extra gentle on your nails.

Cotton balls, but don’t directly use cotton buds. Make a thin strip of cotton, equal to your nail.

Now dip the cotton balls fully into the nail polish remover.

Put that dipped cotton directly on the nail now wait for a few seconds. Waiting is necessary because it makes the nail paint wet again. Wet nail paint is easy to remove.

Now pull out the cotton carefully, and now you can see your clean nail.

Also clean the corners of your nail with the help of cotton.

This trick helps you to save your nails from rubbing and its irritation.