Best Way to Remove Upper Lip Hair Naturally


Turmeric and Milk: Turmeric is the essential ingredient of various beauty products and hence it is suggested here. You can mix a table spoon full of turmeric into same amount milk and then apply the mixture to your skin. Once it gets dry, rub it off and you can wash your skin.

Egg Whites: Egg whites improve the brightness and glows your skin more clearly. Have one egg white and mix it with corn flour and sugar to make a sticky paste. Now let it dry for 30 minutes before peeling of finally.

Chana dal flour: Chana dal flour is also used as natural remedy for hirutism. Mix chala dal flour with water and turmeric to make a thick paste. Now apply it gently at the place and then wipe it off.

Sugar: Sugar is already popular for giving painless waxing and skin treatments. Take some sugar in pan and heat it using some lemon juice along. Mix it properly to make the paste and apply it onto the skin.

Flour: Flour is the most easy and affordable solution for you hirutism. Take some flour in bowl and mix it with honey and turmeric. Apply the paste on to your skin and then peel it off.