Boho Hairstyles for Long Hair


From your temple take a small section of your hair.
Form a neat braid from it.
Flip it to the other side.
Secure it with pins.
You may like this hairstyle or you may make another two such braids by repeating the same process.
Place the three braids like a hair band all across the head.
Your boho hairstyle is ready to rock.

There are many such hairstyles for long hair. You can pick and choose the one with which you wish to style your hair into. There different boho hairstyles are as follows-

The loose boho braid
Loose curls with a beautifully woven hair band
Waves with two subtle braids
Lily rabe boho hairstyle
A braided up do with light waves
Soft waves and braids mixed together
Red curls piled upon with a ribbon

There are many such boho hairstyles which can be created with the help of any tutorial present on the internet or if you wish to go to a beauty salon.