Color Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes - Makeup Ideas


Well when we talk of brown eyes then a lot of things can be done to make them look good. Firstly, you can blend different colors to suit your brown eyes. As we already know that brown is a mix of all primary colors, so a lot of options are already there to implement of the eyes.

A blue colored shadow which will look vibrant can be tried out on brown eyes. Your eyes will look dark and rich in quality. Your brown eyes will look popped out with an electric shade like this one. This contrast you will surely love to wear.

A shade of purple mascara can also enhance the brown eyes with hazel flecks. You do not need a color to strike a contrast but your eyes will genuinely look bright and beautiful with this shade.

A green golden shadow will appear to be that gorgeous shade well suited for your brown eyes. Do not be afraid to try this out as it seems different. You can pick up such shades in matte metallic effect on your brown eyes.

So we see that you can try out something new everytime you wish to wear eye makeup for your beautiful brown eyes.