“Cosmic” Hair Is New and Kind Of Awesome (GIFS/Video)


Stuff you need is good conditioner, your favorite color here we take blue, magenta and purple color, mixing bowls and hair color brushes.

Mix single color in a bowl so that it will not mix up with other. Now take one bowl, drop some conditioner in it around 7 to 8 drops and add the colors. Mix it well.

Use parting clips to keep to your hairs up, apply blue color on the bottom hair and with parting clips keep hairs up. Till then mix second color.

Now we take the hairs which are twisted. And apply magenta color on them.

Bring down the hairs, and color the top hairs with magenta color but only half way, not fully.

And apply purple color on all the remaining hairs. In this way you have trio of colors in your hairs.

After one and a half hour, wash of the hairs with water and let them dry.

Then comb your hairs firmly and see the magic of the trio.