Cute Boho Hairstyles for Long Hair


Boho hairstyle is yet another trending and fashionable braided hairstyle. Today we will guide you to make it your own boho hairstyle which is also called as topsy tail.

First get your hairs along one side. This works fine with the center separation as well but doing it sideways is bit comfortable.

Now using the elastic make a ponytail which will be residing just below your ear. Getting elastic with the matching hair color is much better.

Now loop back the pony from the hairs right above the elastic and decide how tight you want it to be.

Now pick some hairs from the pony and start threading it to make the braid.

The same way pick some more hairs and start making fish tail.

For both the braids, you need to put the elastic at the last to secure hairs.

Comb your hairs in opposite direction to create the volume and drop the two braids over the hairs.

Now pick two little bunches from the hairs and make them cross at the centre point holding the hairs and braids all together.

This way make it a complete nest using the hairs and finally secure with elastic.