Cute Summer Eye Makeup Ideas


Dark circles, have the power to ruin your eye makeup completely. So firstly, use concealer to conceal the flaws of your eyes that is dark circles.

Now use an eye primer to make your makeup stay long, for oily skin seriously required. The White color of eye primer applies on your eyelid.

Now draw a line on the border of your eyelid with the eyeliner pencil. Try to make it clean and strong.

Now with brush, apply the black shade of eye shadow above the line. And smudge the line to mix it with your eye shadow to remove the line effect. Try not to apply it below the line otherwise it will not give you a perfect finish.

Now apply the green eye shadow below the line, light from the inner corner and dark from the outer corner. And also apply it under the eye to the mid.

Finally, Apply eyeliner and mascara.