DC Nail Art Design Step By Step Tutorial


Nail art can be fun and creative activity. It requires your imagination to play with the colors. Today everyone is the nail art designer itself with so many tutorials and tricks available over the internet. Today we are taking this tutorial to make you learn this unique and attractive nail art design which is fascinating and trendy.

Start by putting a base coat to your nails. Base coat prevents your nails from the chemical hazard of the nails paints which can steal the natural shine of your nails.

Now Pick the white nail paint and apply it completely covering your nail.

Let it dry for some time and to set properly.

Now with the black nail paint, draw a cross triangle at the top edge.

Crossing the previous triangle, make one more solid filled thick line which will be starting from one end and goes till the other end.

Make two blue color rings over the design so far, keep both rings unfinished from both sides.

Apply the top coat to finish the art.

Your nail art design is completed and it looks great.