Dutch Mermaid Side Braid Step By Step Tutorial


If you wish to change your side braid into some other art form or just simply want to look different then next time you should try out the dutch mermaid side braid hairstyle.

Look at the following steps to make this hairstyle on your own-

wear a headband on your head.

take all the hair onto the left side of the shoulder.

divide your hair into 3 sections. And then make a stitch with your divided hair. A dutch braid will be created.

create a dutch braid by taking the 3 strands of hair and criss crossing it.

continue this till a full braid is created.

secure the braid with an elastic.

Your dutch mermaid side braid hairstyle is ready to rock. You can also take help of a good tutorial if you wish to create this hairstyle on your own. These tutorials give you complete information about whichever hairstyle you wish to create. These tutorials are of great help. They guide you and help you on a particular hairstyle and you can even watch videos regarding the same and it’s the easiest way to learn any hairstyle.