Easy Trick for Huge Lashes - Makeup Ideas


As we all know that eye lashes are the important part of our eyes and to make our eyes look prettier is the major goal of eye makeup. In the eye makeup the eye lashes are enhanced so that they look bold. There are a few tricks for the huge eyelashes which you can try out on your own at home-

Apply mascara to your eye lashes.

Before that apply the eye lash curler.

Heat the curler before applying onto the eyelashes.

First pinch your eyelashes then apply the mascara onto them only on their tips.

Remove the curler then.

Apply mascara onto the bottom of the lashes.

Then see how huge and windy your eyelashes appear to be.

So this was an easy trick that could be applied every time you wish to make your eye lashes look big and huge. You can then apply eye makeup to your eyes in the normal way as you always do. A tutorial for the same may give you enough information so that you can create your own sense of applying makeup to your eyes and feel good about it.