Fresh, Casual Eye Makeup Tutorial


Now apply primer on eyelid to avoid any smudge and make it stay longer. And for oily skin, eye primer is a must.

Now apply golden brown eye shadow over your entire eyelid, apply a fine coat.

Apply peach eye shadow in the mid, in the form of a line with the use of brush. Now apply to the bottom area and blend it well.

Apply eyeliner, but very firm and fine. Any mistake will not be reconcilable.

Then apply the mascara, if you want to give your eyelashes some volume you can also apply fake lashes. And do not worry fake lashes looks natural.

Use eye curler to give your lashes a perfect finish.

Apply pink color of kohl, or you can also use black kohl. Apply little of eye shadow on lower lash line.

And your casual eye makeup is done.