Half-Up Braided Bun Roll Hairstyle for Long Hair


You will need:

Hair spray
Hair sponge
Hair elastic
Hair brush


begin with the clean and also the dry hairs and add the dry texture toiletry to the hairs if you're not carrying the dry texture. Comb the hairs totally to filter the hair knots and this fashion you may get loose strand hairs.

Get a cosmetic sponge therefore} grab the hairs from prime and each facet sections and so depart this world the sponge to the hairs as shown within the image so you may get a pony there.

place the hairs facet flipped downward and add clear hair elastic round the put on the hairs.

Now, grab the hairs from the highest as shown within the image therefore} begin braid the hairs by grabbing a district of two in. hairs and braid them totally until finish so, you'll secure the top of the hairs with hair elastic.

Add the great hold spray to the hairs and you're done here.