Homemade Remedies Permanent Hair Removal


But if you want to remove them permanently, then you can follow these remedies.

Raw papaya is great for your skin and removing unwanted hairs as well. You can use it by mixing simply with turmeric or cursed papaya with turmeric powder, gram flour, aloe Vera gel, mustard oil and essential oils.

Turmeric is suggested for skin from years. Use it with milk if you have fewer hairs, but if you have a high volume of hairs use with papaya, gram flour etc.

Chick pea or gram flour is same. It’s good for uprooting unwanted hairs. Use it with milk, turmeric powder or crushed papaya.

Lemon juice, generally used in place of bleach. But mixing it with sugar and water, acts as a natural hair remover.

These remedies sort your problem of unwanted hairs.