How to Secure Your Hair to The Side - Beautiful Hairstyle Tutorial


Open hair can easily go with any dress, whether it’s a dress, sari or jeans. Although it’s the easiest hairstyle also, you just need to comb your hairs and you are done. Sometimes open hair became the reason of irritation too, mostly in case when it comes over your face again and again. Hair pins are the super easy and quick fix to your this problem. But it’s boring to use hair pins always in the same manner. Here we are telling you a cool idea to make a beautiful shape with the help of hairpins, which gives you a stunning look. So let’s begin.

Use first pin diagonally in the strand, that you want fix back side.

Now with the help of second pin make a shape of alphabet “A”, put it diagonally against the first pin.

Put the third pin, starting from the mid of the first ended to end point of second pin.

Now use the fourth pin in the opposite direction of the third pin.

Here the design ends with a beautiful star. So, use this method to make yourself a star.