How to Straighten Hair Naturally at Home with Milk?


1. Fill a spray bottle with milk. Use full cream milk for your hair. It nourishes your hair better than low fat milk. Some people say coconut milk is much better than plain milk. If you are using coconut milk, then add up some lemon juice. You can also use strawberries, honey or banana these products gives you natural moisturizing. Powdered milk is a cheap option, although it’s not bad too.

2. Spray the milk all over the hair, from root to tip. No exceptions, with this method you can’t have half curly and half straight hairs.

3. Comb your hair with wide tooth comb. It will prevent any of your hair to be curly and also avoid milk clutter.

4. Regularly massage your hair from tip to toe. Give it some time to soak in your hairs, till then you will do some scrub, some nail paints application or shave your legs.

5. After this soaking, use some shampoo and conditioner. And much more diligently than before otherwise milk left in your hair and smells bad.

6. Leave your hair for some time, so that it will dry. This method works magically on wavy hairs, but for curly one it is not work well. But still it helps in nourishing and defining you curls well.

So now you have learned one more creative way of utilizing the hidden beauty secret of milk.