Large Curls With Small Curling Iron


the kind of curls you desire it can all be achieved with the help of this curling iron.

Heat up the curling rod at least till 320 degrees. And 430 degrees for thick hair.
Go for a less temperature so that less hair is damaged.
Use a round brush to brush your hair thoroughly to remove tangles and smoothen your hair.
If your hair is damp make sure you blow dry it properly before using an iron rod.
Apply a heat protectant to your hair. This product is sprayed on the hair so that less hair is damaged due to high temperatures.
Divide your hair into sections and clip them so that each section can be curled easily.
Once curled wrap that section of hair around the barrel.
Once the curl is done quickly pin it up.

So we see that large beautiful curls can be created with the help of a small curling iron. Make sure you use the iron with care and increase the temperatures only if required.