Lash Perfect Eyelash Extensions Reviews


1. Try Fiber Lashes

2. Do The Bend

3. Easy Removal

4. Get Down To The Base

5. All-Day Curls

6. Promote Length

7. Line And Curl

8. Do The Twist

9. Do It Last

10. Give It A Soak

11. Brush ‘Em Out

12. Revive Your Mascara

13. Thicken It Up

14. De-Clump With A Cloth

15. Get The Bottoms Bigger

16. Make Them Grow With Plant-Based Oils

18. Eat Chocolate–Seriously!

So today we will be dealing with these eyelash extensions in details and will try to put the light on most obvious question. Before you ask, let me tell you these are the synthetic lashes which are applied to each eyelash bottom and give your lashes more curl, thick and length. You need to follow a regular transplant treatment to achieve this and there after you have to give proper care to keep everything in place. One time treatment can last long upto 3 weeks after that you need to have a top-up or you can fix it using the mascara.

The price for a full eyelash extension costs you 120 Euro and treatment is available in London.