Lipstick in 3 Unique Ways - Makeup Ideas


So far you might know the only use of lipstick on to your lips. But if I tell you three alternate tricks where you can use your same lipstick for completing 3 beauty styles at once will you believe me? You have to actually because I am going to tell you how you can use your regular pink lipstick in 3 different and unique ways.

One and most common that you are already doing is on to your lips. You can get your lips look more appealing and gorgeous.

The other alternative is you can use your pink lipstick on to your eye lashes. If you are having dark circles then this trick can create magic to hide the dark circles to match it with your regular skin color.

One other way is to use it as blush on to your cheeks. If you have ended up with your blush and you are about to leave for party tonight then pick up your pink lipstick and create the magical blush.

This way you have seen how simple it is to use your pink lipstick in 3 different versions.