Make Messy Double Twisted Bun for Medium Hair Tutorial


With smooth and tangle free hair you can start making the bun with the following requirements:

A round brush
A tail comb
Elastic or rubber bands
Hair spray
Hair moose
Hair gel

Look at the following step by step tutorial how to create this hairstyle:

Pull all the hair back or have it pulled down as you wish.
Start making the Dutch braid at the bottom of the hair from the back.
When you reach the middle part divide your hair into 3 sections and then tie a fluff out of the braid.
Repeat the same from the top section of the hair.
Gather hair from the top braid on the other side and turn your hair in such a way that a bun is created.
Pin your hair well with bobby pins.
Apply hair spray to the overall hairstyle for your hair to stay all day.