Makeup Trick: How To Hide Tired Eyes


If you are tired and still have to rush to a party where you have to look simply gorgeous. You wish to conceal your tired eyes by using some makeup tricks then read more about it in the article below.

A concealer alone can help you great deal in concealing your tired eyes and making your eyes look stunning.

Curling your lashes is another way to make your eyes look beautiful. With your lashes upturned, enhance your look with stunning mascara on the lashes.

Use an eye liner on the top layer of your eye lashes. This will again make your eyes look gorgeous. Your tired eyes will be concealed with it. Make use of an emerald green eye liner.

By lining your lower lash in order to make your eyes look brighter and much bigger than the usual. Make use of a nude shade of liner on the thin layer of the inner lash.

By building your own brows by making use of a pencil gently give strokes to your brows and then brush it up with a brush.

By using the above mentioned tricks you can reduce the puffiness and dark circles under your eyes and your eyes will tend to look simply stunning.