Nail Art for Pink Lovers


In this tutorial as the name suggests we will be using pink and black nail paint to create the art. First we will be putting pink in place and then over it we will be adding black to decorate. We will be guiding you step by step considering and telling each necessary step for your better understanding.

First you need to put a base coat. Base coat is necessary for your nails because it protects your nails from any chemical hazard caused by the nail paints.

Now pick the pink nail paint and coat your nail in complete pink.

Wait for some time until it completely dries.

Now pick the black nail paint and put a dark black dot at the tip of the nail.

Now starting from the dot, try putting some feather like art which will make it resemble to a flower.

Now decorate it more closely by doing art work within the flower petals.

Put the top coat in the last to make it last longer.

Your pink and black lace nail art is ready to shine and you are ready to go.