Party Look Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair Step By Step Tutorial


Part your hairs in “U” shape on the crown area of the head with tail comb. Tail comb is most important in every hairstyle, no matter what hair style you are trying.

No again divide it into two parts, front away from second so that they will not mix up. And fix first with a Bobby pin for a while till we are dealing with another part.

Now take tail comb, and back brush your hairs in a downward motion from tip to root to tease your hair. Teasing is done for giving volume to hairs. Be gentle while doing the teasing.

Now fix it with Bobby pin, to make a bun on the head. When you are making bun give it a height.

Now take first strand, and cover your bun to make a puff, try to give it a perfect finish. And put Bobby pins to pin them.