Side Braid Ponytail Cute Hairstyles


This simple side braid ponytail cute hairstyle takes only 15 minutes if you are a newbie and not more than 5 minutes if you do little practice.

For this hairstyle things required is bobby pins, tail comb, and hair comb.
Comb your hair with normal comb.This is a side braid, so comb your hairs one side.
Take a hair strand from near the neck area, and make a simple braid with this hair strand.
Now comb your remaining hairs again to keep them together.
Now the final step is to roll down braid to knot your hairs. This is very simple to do, do it like you are tie up your hairs with rubber band.
And in last fix a bobby pin at the end. So that your braid do not move or loosen up.

And college hair style is ready, stay beautiful.