Sleek Ponytail With Hair Loop


But still we one hair style for your lovely hairs.

Comb your hairs, towards the backward side, with the help of the tail comb separate the front hairs horizontally from mid of the head.

Now hold them with the help of parting clips. And comb the remaining hairs to make a ponytail.

Now, as I said, make a normal ponytail as you generally form. Tie up with the help of a rubber band.

Now comb the remaining hairs, which you hold with the help of clips. And don’t forget to comb in a backward motion.

Roll these hairs around the rubber band, so that full rubber band is wrapped by the hairs.

Fix the rolled hairs with the help of Bobby pins.

This hair can you use by every girl, if she straighten her hairs. This hairstyle did not suits on curly hairs because curly hairs are very fluffy and bouncy.