Summer Half Up Knot Hairstyle for Long Hair Tutorial


This summer you can try making a half up knot hairstyle if your hair is long enough. On many occasions you can make this hairstyle and look gorgeous. The half up knot trend is very much in these days and you would love your hairstyle once it’s done. It’s the easiest hairstyle to make. To begin with if your hair is curly, straight, sleek or messy you can still create this hairstyle and look good in it.

Look at the following points to make this hairstyle on your own at home-

Divide your hair into top and bottom.

You can even part your hair right at the top of your forehead too.

Hold the hair in a ponytail and start to wrap it using your middle and index finger into a bun.

Once all hair is wrapped, make sure you secure it with a rubber band or elastic.

Your summer half up knot hairstyle for long hair is ready.

So we see that the knots can be created using the length of your hair in one go. You can make a bun or a knot whatever you like.