Summer Knotty Braid


It is summer and what can be better hair style than braid. Today we will be making unique and stylish twisted knotty braided updo hairstyle. It will require the trick of making pony along with twisted braid. We will guide you for the rest of the tutorial on each step so that you can follow along and learn better.

First comb your hairs so that it becomes smooth and straight and easy to handle.

Now divide your hairs in two from the central middle line of your scalp.

Pick some hairs from your left side and put elastic to make a regular pony.

Now go on to grab few more hairs and cross them along to make the braid.

Getting done with the braid on one side now move to the other side.

Now use the hairs in regular fashion to make the braid which will be lying across the shoulders to give you the elegant look.

Your hairstyle is absolutely done and give your hairs a spray to look more shiny and attractive.