Tight Bouffant Ponytail Hairstyle


Ponytail is elegant and the most suited hairstyle. Because of the easiness everyone can easily create it at home and it just takes few minutes. There are different versions of the ponytail depending upon your own preference of having it either low length or high end ponytail. One of the major problems that the beginners have come across is the loose ponytail. They are not sure about how could they make it stay tight and all in place.

Today we are going to take you in this step by step tutorial, how can you make your tight bouffant ponytail in quick time.

First you need to comb your hairs.

This will straighten your hairs and will make them smooth for easily handling and caring.

Now grab your hairs in hand and put elastic around the bunch.

This will keep the hairs in one place.

Now from the bunch pick few of the hairs and use these as of a thread.

Wrap them around the elastic to make it more tight bundle and will give it more generous look.

Your ponytail will not loosen up now, it’s in place and well maintained.