Waterfall Braid Updo Tutorial


Use the following steps to make a waterfall braid on your own.

To begin with you need to pick up at least 3 strands of your hair and start creating a French braid.
Start crossing that strand which is the closest to your forehead, moving to the middle section.
Taking the 3rd strand and crossing it too to the middle section.
Then dropping your middle hair towards down so that it mixes with the rest of your hair.
Taking another section of your hair and start braiding it.
Cross the bottom strand with this new strand and repeat this process at least 8 times.
Secure the braid behind your ear with pins.
Your waterfall braid is ready.

So we see that it is not all that difficult to make a waterfall braid on your own. You can also check out a good tutorial from the internet and see how this hairstyle is created. There are many such websites which will give you complete information on it.