Ways to Lose Weight from Your Face


Facial exercise: eliminating fat from any particular part is a tough job. But with facial exercise or face yoga you can do this. And smiling is the best facial exercise one can do on a regular basis.

Water: for shedding fat from any part of the body, water is suggested by everyone. Water takes your toxins out of the body and hydrates it well.

Food keeps you healthy: eat food which fulfills your daily requirements of nutrients. And also helps your body to burn your fat. Like fruits, veggies, grains and sprouts, fulfill your hungry and also helps you in removing the fat.

No junkies anymore: want to lose weight, then starts avoiding junk food like, pizza, burger, noodles or cold drinks etc.

Sleep: sleep makes your body relax and refresh one person normally need 8 hours of sleep. Some peopledrink an unlimited coffee cup to avoid sleep, which is a harmful habit.

Chewing gum: chewing gum is very beneficial in order to reduce weight from the face. Chewing of gum is not less than a facial exercise. Try sugar free chewing gums for better results.

Makeup: makeup not lose weight, it just hides the weight behind its layers and make you look thin.

Medication: avoid unnecessary intake of medicine to avoid face fat.

Quit alcohol and smoking: it’s good to do it.