Weekend Party Hairstyle


Weekend is the party time, two to three days people feel free and enjoy. If you want a new hair style for your nearby party, but want it to be easy and gorgeous. So this is the right pick for you.

Collect all the material which you need for this hairstyle, hair spray, hair styling cream, roller rod, and tail comb.

First roll your hairs with the help of roller rod. Try to make fine curls.

Use hair spray in every layer of your hairs, so that the curls will stay for a long time. This step should be done very carefully.

Except leaving one strand of hair each side, tie the remaining hairs with a rubber band. Take a hair strand from the tied hair from the bottom. And roll down the strand around the rubber band to wrap it. Fix with Bobby pin.

Now take untied strands, and start making a braid, and make it till you reach the rubber band. And then fix it there with Bobby pin.

And you are ready to set the floor on fire,with this beautiful and stunning hairstyle.