2 Minute Bubble Bun Hairstyle Tutorial



Is it a fool proof method? in fact not, however it positively helps, and also the better part is that this straightforward hairstyle virtually takes concerning two minutes to do! It’s altogether amazing for college, work, or whenever you’re running late, i do know as a result of I have it away all the time.


Make a high coiffure.

Hairspray the highest and therefore the bottom layers of the coiffure. (if you've got very short layers, i like to recommend you tease the coiffure before hairspraying it)

Make another coiffure few inches below ensuring you don’t go below your layers. We’re making this ordinal pony to stay the layers inside the roll.

Spread out the hair between the two elastic to start out forming your roll.

Loosen up your coiffure thus you'll be able to produce a gap within the middle.

Twist the ends of your coiffure slightly, then pull the coiffure through the gap.
Straighten out your twisted coiffure.

Now, simply pull on the edges of the roll to form it as massive, wide, or tiny as you wish the roll to be. Be aware of wherever the ordinal elastic is thus your layers don’t begin starting up of the roll.

Next, there square measure two belongings you will do. One, take the ends and simply wrap it round the elastic. Or 2, and my personal favorite method, split the ends in 0.5 and wrap it one by one to form a braid impact. IMHO, it creates character in Associate in Nursing otherwise an easy roll hairstyle.

Finally, pin the edges of the roll down.