Amazing Beachy Waves without Heat at Home


If you wish to get beachy waves without heating your hair then there are methods of doing it. We shall discuss one of such methods which is known as twisting your hair. Look at the following steps to achieve it.

Wet your hair and then fry it with the help of a towel. Either shampoo your hair well by using a conditioner too. Or just dampen your hair using a water bottle. After that gently pat it with a towel.

Apply some curling cream to your hair. While your hair is still wet or damp start applying some curling cream to it from roots to tips.

Divide your hair into 2 sections.

Twist the two sections tightly. After which you need to secure your hair using a rubber band.

Clip the hair after twisting it on the top of your head.

Let your hair dry off completely. Either do this activity during the night after which you can fall asleep or leave your hair for at least 5 hours. When you open your hair it will still appear wet with beachy curls falling out in style.

Loosen your hair by making use of a hair spray after that. Your beachy waves are ready to rock.