Awesome Eyeliner Tricks!


Lay It On Thick

Getting Colorful


Eyeliner is the essential part of your whole makeup or specially your eye makeup. But the biggest trouble factor as well, because it’s not at all easy to apply eyeliner. Eyeliner demands lots of practice for its application with a finish. And when you want to apply it with some style, then you definitely need some tricks for it. Here we tell you some trendy and easy trick for eyeliner application, here we go: -

Apply some eye shadow over your eyeliner line, of your eyeliner color to make it last longer.

If you still feel unconfident in applying eyeliner in a fine line, then start with pencil liner. First, apply pencil liner, then apply liquid eyeliner over it.

For making less pigmented vibrant, applying it over the white eyeliner. It also hides the skin and creates a nice base.

First wet your brush and grab some eye shadow on it, on the way to customize your eyeliner.

If your monolids irritate you, then this trick helps you a lot. Draw a thick and solid line in order to create a perfect line of eyeliner.

Apply white eyeliner as eyebrows highlighter. Make two solid lines on the above and lower the eyebrow and smudge it with a sponge brush.

Gel liner is very much in demand, keep your pencil eyeliner near the flame of lighter with making your own customized gel liner. Try it on the back of your hand before you apply it to the eye.

If Fine line is tough to make in one go then apply it roughly. Take cotton and cream and remove the extra eyeliner to convert it into smooth and superb line.

Applying liner has its own benefits, and makes you look more beautiful.