Awesome Trick For Precise Liner


The required tool for the trick could be a spoon. A tea spoon can suit you well.

So, place the handle of the spoon aboard all-time low lash line and place it up to the brow. Draw the flick by victimisation the handle as a suggestion.

Then trace the highest lash line with the liner. forever use liquid liner once you ar applying it with some reasonably guideline, as a result of the sharp tip of the comb can assist you work additional exactly.

Then use the spoon to draw the falcate, connecting line between the flick and also the lash line.

Apply the makeup as near the lashes as you'll, this can produce an impression of thicker lashes.

Some of you may say that constant trick will be created with a tape, however the tape features a flaw – it will ruin the muse, whereas the metal spoon won’t smudge or take away any of your facial makeup whereas you place it around your eyes.