Braided Hairstyle For Thick Hair Step By Step


once you have got combed your hair separate it during a few sections as follows: within the front create two sections, one on the left aspect and one on the correct aspect and you decide that one you wish to be thicker. you wish to depart a back section free, that you just can use to form a staff of life.

begin gold braid the little section all the means down as you'll be able to see within the image and secure with a hair band.

begin gold braid the opposite section, from the front, then go spherical to the rear and keep gold braid all the means down, then secure.

Your hair, up to the current purpose, ought to appear as if in image four and five.

Secure the 2 braids up and currently take the hair from the rear and gather it during a hair style.
6. Twist the hair and create a staff of life out of it.

unharness the braids and roll them round the staff of life one by one then secure them with some officer pins. Don’t forget to cover the ends of the braids for the right look and add hairspray within the quantity you wish!