High Crown Braid Hairstyle Tutorial



As well as going enough time to try and do this vogue, you wish to form certain your hair is prepped very well for this braid.

Brush all of your hair to get rid of any knots before you start to braid.

Visualise wherever you wish the braid to sit down. it's best once it sits sort of a halo round the crown of your head. you wish to check the highest of the braid across the highest of your head and high at the rear.

Start the braid behind your right ear. you wish to own a nonstop and thick-looking braid across the highest of your head therefore begin low, behind your ear and begin with a a pair of in. section of hair.

Split your hair into 3 and start a Dutch braid. A Dutch braid is that the same as a French braid however in reverse. rather than crossing the hair over, bring the sections underneath. Cross the left underneath the center, then the proper underneath the left. On future section, add in hair from the front from your hairline.

Continue your Dutch braid, crossing the sections underneath and adding in hair from each side.

Curve your braid around. this is often wherever visualising wherever your braid can sit helps. round the back you wish your braid to sit down higher than the sting your membrane bone (that’s the bone at the rear of your head wherever your head curves down).

Once you’ve finished adding all told your hair, end in a very regular braid and secure the top with atiny low clear hair elastic.

STRETCH out your braid! My favorite step! create your braid look thicker by stretching out your braid. Pull gently at the perimeters and widen your braid.

Pin the top of your braid within to complete the crown form. reckoning on however long your hair is, tuck the top of your braid underneath the primary braid to cover it and pin it in situ. you'll spiral long braids within the primary.