How to Look Attractive - Everyday 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial


Always use a primer on your face and on your lids before the appliance of the makeup and also the covering product, as a result of the primer can hold the styles continue the face all day long.

If you can’t notice you concealer to or shot cream, simply combine the muse with the moisturizer and it'll work absolutely for a few light-weight touches.

You can simply scale back the symptom if you apply ice cold eye lotion to the symptom before the appliance of the makeup.

The perfect thanks to apply the cat-eye flick is to use the makeup 1st, as a result of it'll guide you whereas you draw the flick.

Check the lipstick color on the tip of your finger, not on the rear of the hand, as a result of the tip of the finger has similar color to the natural color of the lips.

Now let Maine show you a makeup tutorial. it's fancy and ideal for a star look – follow the steps:
As i discussed before, prepare the lids with a primer.

Trace the highest lash line with a makeup black pencil. Smudge it with a brush.
Top it with bronze shadow.

Cover the crease with peach dark color. Blend in.

Re-draw the black liner.

Apply makeup.

Contour the cheekbones.

Apply correct lipstick color.

All done!