How to Straighten Your Hair With Hair Bands



Wash you hair a night before. It’s important so that your hair will be clean.

After showering, do not blow dry hair. Make sure your hair is wet, then towel dry until it’s damp.

Have 20-50 elastic hair bands on hand, depending on the length of your hair. Do NOT use rubber bands.

Separate your hair into 2-4 equal sections as shown in picture. If you have thin hair, use 2. If you have thicker hair, use 4.

Start with one section.Take a hair band and tie the section as you normally would to make a pony tail at about ear/neck level. Tie another right below the first one without leaving any gaps until you reach the end of the section. Try not to have any hairs sticking out.

Repeat the last step on all of the sections.

Go to sleep. Get a good night’s rest with your bands in.

Get up early in the morning and your hair will be straight.