Learn How to Get White and Fair Hands at Home


These hand-crafted natural home made for hands and feet create them truthful, soft and healthy. you'll get the hands and feet as you wish which too at your home, while not disbursal an excessive amount of from your pocket.

Your hands and feet are the most exposed areas of your body. You touch things with your hands and expose them to dirt, dust and pollution. Over time they tend to get rough and dark, especially around the knuckles. Given below is amazing remedy which you can follow to get your hands amazingly fair, soft and beautiful.

You will need –

1 tsp. Glycerin
1 tsp. Rose Water
1 Lemon

Method –

Mix glycerin and rise water in a bowl.
Cut the lemon and squeeze out the juice in the above mixture.
Mix well to make a smooth mixture.
Apply the mixture on to your hands and feet and rub nicely.
Wash off with plain water.
This is a good remedy for fair and soft hands.
Repeat the remedy twice a week for best results.