Must Check: Twenty Ways The World Has Changed For The Worse


(1) Computers are smaller, people are bigger

(2) Pictures have become much more 'selfie'ish

(3) Getting snail mail is a lot more exciting

(4) Children are teaching their parents how to use technology

(5) Playing computer games now requires your credit card details

(6) Getting poor grades is all your teacher's fault now

(7) Televisions are slimmer than most people now

(8) Philosophy has become a lot less sophisticated

(9)How we waste our time has developed through the decades

(10) Phones haven't improved in every aspect

(11) Going for a run is now a social (media) event

(12)Special effects are less special

(13)No one calls each other anymore

(14) We sit alone in our rooms, counting our 'friends'

(15) It's not just parents who will take away your internet

(16) Remember when your phone was attached to the wall?

(17) Water has become as precious as gold

(18) One day men will have to pull their saggy trousers behind them

(19) Doctors' bills have become scarier than injections

(20)Family dinnertimes have become much more smartphone orientated